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Hello Beautiful.

Emmah, at 4 years old, decided she 

wanted to make her very own lip gloss

for all of the Emmahzing girls around the world, 

including herself. 

Later on in the process, Emmah decided 

why not venture out

 and expand her products to more than just lip gloss? 

On this website you will find lip gloss, 

hand sanitizer, nail polish, and 

more to come. 

Emmah gives a very special thank you 

to her family and friends who have 

supported Emmahzing Beauty 

thus far. Please continue to spread the word 

and share her Emmahzing products.

Emmah is beyond grateful! 

Now let's SHOP! 

Don't forget to follow and tag Emmah with your 

Emmahzing Beauty products ‚Äčon Instagram:



Emmah can't wait to see your Emmahzing creations. 

***We are still in the process of adding new items. Don't forget to come back to visit to see what's new.***