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Meet Princess Emmah

Hello! My name is Emmah Williams and I am the CEO of Emmahzing Beauty along with my mom, Chana Williams, who assists me in creating my very own unique beauty products. I have always been into lip gloss and my mom would always catch me in her make-up bag. So she thought, why not make my own products to add to my own make-up bag, that we can make and enjoy together. This is one of many ways we get to bond and have fun. Everything we sale we use and everything we use we love!

My favorites are the lip gloss, the eye shadow, and the nail polish. I guess you can say the entire line is my favorite. My mom's favorites are all of the lip gloss.

We create to create beauty, not just on the outside but we hope to help you find your beauty on the inside as well. We thank everyone for your continued support and we hope to put a smile on your face as we all continue to strive for excellence in our beauty.

All of the, Emmahzing Lip Gloss, Emmahzing Nail Polish, and Emmahzing Hand Sanitizer products, that are listed on the website, are mixed and made by Emmah. Emmah chooses and mixes her very own scent and colors until she gets the scent and color(s) she desires for her Emmahzing Lip Gloss, her Emmahzing Nail Polish, and her Emmahzing Hand Sanitizer products.

The Emmahzing Lip Gloss products are made with a gel base that is vegan, halal (edible), and gluten free, which includes coconut oil and flavoring oil. Emmah also adds candy flavors to the majority of her Emmahzing Lip Gloss products. 

Emmah is very excited to share with you all the flavors, scents, and colors of her Emmahzing Lip Gloss, the colors of her Emmahzing Nail Polish, and the scents of her Emmahzing Hand Sanitizer products. 

Emmah's favorite part of the mixing process incoming up with her very own colors and scents to create her Emmahzing Masterpiece. Emmah says, "I feel good and amazing when making the Emmahzing products for all of the Amazing Girls around the world."

This makes the Emmahzing products unique and it becomes Emmah's Masterpiece.